A regenerative business world with zero waste

We aim to move a wasteful business world toward regenerative business practices paving the way for sustainable circular innovation. We work fast because environmental deterioration is a serious global challenge that needs the urgent attention of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), primarily responsible for a large portion of global pollution.

At Encore we are:


As environmental technologists, we envision a world where technology can save the planet, especially from the human-made waste problem. With that in mind, we have utilized some of the most forward-thinking technology for a scalable and game-changing platform.


In this constantly changing business environment, we have put extreme emphasis on adapting to new worldly or customer changes. As a result, our software is flexible enough to adjust to these variables immediately.


For the circular economy to become a reality, multiple parties must be involved and cooperate to keep assets and precious materials in constant loops. Encore enables not just value and supply chains to collaborate, but also businesses across industries, no matter how big or small.


We are relentlessly focused on moving businesses over to the circular economy and creating a better future for the next generation.


Our passion is to make the planet a better place than we found it by shifting the culture over towards one of regeneration instead of extraction.

Good for business.
Good for the planet.

A New Business Model

Encore enables companies to finally have the opportunity to shift to a sustainable business model that reduces waste, increases revenue, and has a positive impact on the planet.

Increased Visibility

Gain keen insights into potentially wasteful business processes happening within your company today.

More Savings.
Less Waste. 

Our platform provides users actionable steps forward to identify new revenue  streams and sustainable opportunities turning waste into wealth.


Reduction in waste sent to landfills


Reduction in carbon emissions


Increase in circular manufacturing processes

Born from SAP, backed by the SAP.iO Venture Studio

The original SAP founders inspired our founders to build solutions that could solve many gaps in the market today. With almost 30 years of combined experience building SAP products, they have their eyes set on building the future of enterprise technology within the SAP.iO Venture Studio.

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