The B2B trading platform for circular economy

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Encore, an SAP Business Network platform, helps companies participate and thrive in the circular economy.

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Our deeply integrated B2B marketplace enables circular trading of assets and products within a certified green ecosystem.

Seamless platform integration

Easily integrate our platform into your company’s procurement, asset management, and ERP systems.

Intelligent matching engine

Take advantage of our intelligent matching engine to recommend sources of supply available in the market, matching demand with aggregated supply.

Circular ecosystem

Discover, connect and collaborate within an ecosystem of new buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, certifiers, governments, NGOs, enterprise companies, and subject matter experts.  

Manage My Listings

Our content management screen allows sellers to post their listings into the platform via backend integrations, bulk uploads, or manually through our product form.

Initiate a Demand Request

You can resolve supply chain issues by initiating a request to match your demand with aggregated supply across the Marketplace.

Gain insights through Analytics

Identify and meet your circular and sustainability goals through our intelligent analytics engine.

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Adaptable platform for different markets


A recent World Economic Forum report found that "the circular economy approach enables automotive companies to increase revenues per vehicle by 15-20 times the sales price and significantly improve profitability by maximizing lifetime performance."

Consumer Electronics

A report by the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) found that "The value of raw materials in global e-waste is $57 billion- mainly in the form of iron, copper, and gold."

Data Centers

A study conducted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Google reported nearly 2 million units resold into the secondary market for reuse.

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